Wednesday, August 10

it's august 10th! :( getting closer and closer.

hi people, ive abandoned my blog for the past 3 days. getting lazier and lazier. my friend, kimberly woo just got back from NS. so, recently i hanged out with her in klcc and a few friends in midvalley. we had chillis and pizza later on. we took quite a number of pictures. but most of it is with kimberly. :) we laugh, we talk, we joke! really miss high school whenever i see them!

one of the candid ones. hahahaha 
klcc btw!

went uniqlo! kim bought 3 diff type of clothes. hehehe

chillis!!! haha so big portion, reasonable price lar :D

btw its kimberly :)

and of course me, the blogger.

this is a short post. i do not have any inspiration! okay bye!