Monday, August 1

happy august people!

i got nothing much to say.. it's august already. everyone should be busy as exams are near and all. nerve-wrecking. its monday again. and since malaysian and moral studies are over. im gonna have like classes on tuesday, thursday and friday only. other than that, it'll be a holiday for me. or... maybe not? :(

gonna have an outing to midvalley this coming wednesday with my collegemates. watching harry potter. hope its gonna be a great great movie. but i JUST heard from my sis. she says that its merely okay only. not so nice, not too bad. hmm, well will see then.

went midvalley last saturday with family. wasn't that bad afterall. havent been to midvalley for quite sometime. all these while, ive been to times square, pav and yada yada. kl area. like what esther said! she's sick of kl area. HAHA. can't deny the fact since our college is located near there. POOF!

sis took for me this picture before heading to midvalley. LOLOLOL. 

and goodbye peeps. happy august again! great month ahead!