Friday, August 5

can i pause?

people...... can i have a time machine. :((( please please. i wanna be the old cheryl in primary school or kindergarten. please............... i don't wanna grow up. i wanna be young, like forever. oh lord. because there wont be anything for me to worry. pleaseeee, give me the strength and courage. i love you.

but at least.. i spared some time to go midvalley with my friends. considered quite good already lah. get to distres! love you guys. thats cheryl chang. :) hehe, cheryls.

nice right? haha loli loliii. colours in life. :)

baskin robin. om nom nom. actually there's more picture in facebook. my profile. if you wanna see more, then go to my fb profile. cause it takes forever for me to upload. so yeah :(

oh by the way, i just got home from my accounts class. really shitty day. regretted because i didnt study properly for the last test. but can't blame me fully, because malaysia Vs singapore tempted me. anyhowwwww, ill try my best to manage this uh-awful-subject. yay? 

oh, apart from that! its so freaking jam outside. and, in the train and monorail. i thought puasaaaa? isn't it suppose to be kinda empty. :( dammit. now i hate going back around 5pm. meh. okay la, that's all for today. really tired. tired. and tired. its weekend.

currenly listening to hillsong united - solution. thanks to jofan for introducing. at least a brand new song to me. LOLOL. goodnight everyone. oh, random. but i love jesus!!