Sunday, July 24

bore me.

went to cheer 2011 with jun hoe just now. this year... pretty boring. all i can see is people dancing over and over the same stunts. :((( seriously. even dynamitez wasn't the best. i think cyrens! or the stunners? they're great! :)) hope they will win.

studied moral studies just now. almost fell asleep. studied about religions and all. i love reading the christianity part. idk why, but yeah. or perhaps is just my religion. can't wait till this week is over! hectic hectic.
saw my former science teacher in cheer with her husband and her two little cute kids. and saw this grandmother there. jun hoe can't stop laughing by just looking at the grandma's face. pfft. =.=

random picture. older sis and i :) look alike? 

guess i'm gonna go rest right now.