Friday, July 29


hi everyone. finally! it's friday friday, gotta get down on friday. had econs today. everything went well except for my accounts test. -.- seriously tough. i did badly laaaaa. so obvious.................... urgh. MISS BETTYYYY! why did u put such hard hard questionsssss. :((((((((((((((((( apparently, during the test! everyone was stoning, looking left and right and so on. bleeeh. even paper one was hard. pfft. die la die lah. perhaps i shall study harder. :((( drained lah. guess what.... econs full syllabus test next two weeks. haihhh, die die dieeeee. exhausted lah. need a break.


went for the match yesterday. malaysia Vs singapore. was kinda disappointed. but nehhh, malaysia tried their best already. plus, if it WAS a fair game, i don't mind. BUT.. singapore played tricks. everyone knows that. super super sad. :(( but anyway, still great lah. had fun. the atmosphere. & this match actually brought US the malaysians closer and closer. love the fact where they're so supportive. teee heee.

my awesome friends. marilyn feels happy! cause according to her, she's as tall as us. yay.

p/s: HELP HELP HELP :(((

Tuesday, July 26


gonna stop blogging till this friday. haha i gotta study and dont have the time to blog.
toodles. be right back (:

Sunday, July 24

bore me.

went to cheer 2011 with jun hoe just now. this year... pretty boring. all i can see is people dancing over and over the same stunts. :((( seriously. even dynamitez wasn't the best. i think cyrens! or the stunners? they're great! :)) hope they will win.

studied moral studies just now. almost fell asleep. studied about religions and all. i love reading the christianity part. idk why, but yeah. or perhaps is just my religion. can't wait till this week is over! hectic hectic.
saw my former science teacher in cheer with her husband and her two little cute kids. and saw this grandmother there. jun hoe can't stop laughing by just looking at the grandma's face. pfft. =.=

random picture. older sis and i :) look alike? 

guess i'm gonna go rest right now.

Friday, July 22

sparks flyy.

so........ yesterday! i watched the match, chelsea V malaysia. im so sorry for chelsea... really huge disappointment. frankly speaking, it was supposed to be 0-0 . but somehow, the referee made a mistake i guess. it was obvious. haha give face perhaps?

lampard! love his smile. haha, im not a big fan. just like this picture. heh (:

oh hi people! i created skype. my second account. hahaha. forgot the first account's password. love skype like mad these days. kept forcing them to skype with me. it was fun. skyped with esther teh, cassandra, stella and woo &&&& more. they're sporting! unlike certain people.... :((((( kidding.

had econs today. i hate when mr.aria released us late. -.- which means i have to rush and rush and rush. rush to eat my lunch and rush to another class. this is so annoying, no peace. cannot even relax. after one class to another. today's class isn't that bad laaah. pfft.


just found out my college has this awesome dancing studio. haha instead of us going there to make used of the room. we camwhoreee. thumbs up. ftw.!

ignore the pingpong table!

 this picture is sorta blurrr :(((((

haha this is jason. he dressed like this because on that day itself, he's gonna go for his.... 3 years anniversary! :DDD he treats his girlfriend.... (Y) really nice. hahahaaaaaaaa

guysss..................... rememberrrr? my artwork? hahaha, i edited this last time. it was like 3 years back? what do youu thinkkkk? :D :D


Wednesday, July 20


finally malaysian studies,moral studies and law test are over!! :D don't feel like studying today.just wanna rest and relax my mind. heheh. after malaysian test, my friends and i went to the rooftop to play some sweets game. super fun man. hahaha it was crazy at first as we have to question each other about their " dirty secrets " hahaha.
went to times square to eat timeless penang! the boss was really nice! he subsidised us knowing that our budget......... :(

marilyn and esther! please update your blog! :D :D im so hungry right now, am gonna have my dinner now. toodles toodles. i miss durian! :(

jun hoe and i. haha wore this freaking big and huge pants xDD applemints!! im weird.

 marilyn should wear her red converse shoes! :D it'll be striking. spot mine!

Monday, July 18

turn on my nerd mode.

this week... it's gonna be the " test " week. haih. seriously, gonna turn on my nerd mode!!! need motivation! went to my college library just now. studied with esther and jun hoe. studied law. suppose to study moral as well. but i didn't. too lazy. moral isnt that important at all. pfft. not gonna stress myself with all those.

esther got nothing better to do. haha but anyway, thanks!

this is too fake. haha check out jun hoe's eyeballs.hahahaha epic.

after college, went to times square to check out the digi easy prepaid thinggy. woah! previously, it only costs for RM10. now?? 16.80. wth. hahahaha so pro huh. okay anyway... errrrrrrr. went for waffles hunting with jun hoe. hahaha we found this waffles which sells for rm2.80! i can save twenty cents! :) unfortunately, the chocolate looks neh..

haha just found out one of my friend! selwyn got into an accident. but not serious. ahha apparently, the motorist landed on his windshield. hahaha pro man. hm. wanna sleeeep lah me :(((

moral study test tomorrow! bacmag meeting, and accounts class.ish.nights.

Sunday, July 17

no specific topic.

hello yellow! is anyone reading my blog? was gossiping with darshika for like almost 1 and the half hours. HAHAHAHA i didn't know we could click. heh? oops! gossiping isn't a good thing. girls stuff lah kan? hahahaha

oh oh! marilyn! please update your blog. did accounts just now. this time, i managed to finish it. and as for econs! your questions are killing me. seriouslyyyyy. :((( make my life easier lah pleaseee. tomorrow! no college. yay! i love it i love it. idk what to blog about lah today! so sesat. pfft.

do you guys know this song ( skyscrapper - demi ) hahah till now, idk what so nice about that song la. but everyone around me is listening to it. currently listening to daughtry's songs. quite nice. emo but not so emo those kind.

this is random! but im loving this picture. HEHEHEHHEE.

Saturday, July 16

liverpool vs malaysia

liverpool vs malaysiaa! c'mon! you guys can do it :) malaysia is getting better! im proud of them. i still can't wait to go the match! malaysia VS singapore. it's gonna be fun man. i wanna get the malaysia's jersey! it's quiite nice. the blue and the yellow one. hehehe.

just received a text message from my college telling us that our law test is gonna be on the next wednesday! im not prepared yet. :( thank god only two chapters! gonna start working my ass off again. give me a break pleasee :(((( so lazy to study! watching football now. till now, no one score yet. haha thats pretty great! gonna support malaysia! previously, i hate football LOL. idk why eversince malaysia rise again! woahhh. i kept watching. is this something great?

i love durian! random fact. hahahaah. durian season now! wish i could eat moreee. hahaha okay. i hate the fact where every tuesday and friday ill have accounts. annoying. -.-


Friday, July 15


sup people! had econs today. things went pretty well. and we had extra accounts class which ends at 5pm. haihh, i hate going back at 5pm. so pack! gotta be a sardin! thank god books wasnt that heavy. thinking whether to study today or....... tomorrow? so tired.

guess what! bac = high school where we're gonna have some report card day by the end of july lolololol. i doubt my mum will go to my college. hehehehe. too far! best excuse :)
this is gonna be another super short post! im SO lazy. oh, biggest joke today! my dad thought someone stole his car and they went to the police station -.- to make a report! plus, they even call the insurance agent. LOLOL and ask the security guard and all. LOLOLOLOL biggest joke.

oh and despite how MUCH i love the curry mee with siham! i've been eating it two days in a row and ditch prawn mee. :) hehehe, sorry aunty!

SEE MARILYN! she was trying to imitate me. but it turns out to be coolio! :):)

Thursday, July 14


im so lazy to blog these days. so, i guess i wont blog as frequent as last time anymore. ill blog whenever im free or i have the time to. these days, test just keep coming! there's a lot for me to study. haih. sorry people. liverpool is right opposite my house right now! people screaming! yelling their lungs out.

hehehe, i've been slacking again as usual! being a lazy bum from time to time. bleh bleh bleh! need to gain back all the "hardworking-ness" back. haha invented own word. mwaahaha........ ahhh econs tomorrow! haven study at all. :( :( please dont call me tomorrow to answer ur question mr.ariaaaaa. :( :( :( DREAD TOMORROW.

credits to esther! :) thankk you.

goodnight and sweet dreams people!

Tuesday, July 12

rush and rush!

busy the whole day! :( had moral studies just now. we present our part! and guess what pn.adura said..... she say that our presentation isn't complete :( hurrrr... now, we've gotta submit a few slides to her. URGH. pn adura! please give us a break. :( after moral studies, we went mayflower as usual! i ate my favorite prawn mee. hehehe, guess the aunty remembers me. she kept smiling at me... awww. unlike another aunty. =.= super rude and all.

we only had 1 hour to eat because marilyn and i are having a meeting at 1pm. after we eat, esther suddenly decided to eat waffles. so, as usual! we left 30 mins! all of us quickly walk/run to the monorail! and it only took us around 5 mins. LOLOLOL. incredible heh? we rush like some mad dogs LOLOLOL. rush back quickly! and realize that the meeting was delayed till 1.30 :(

took a few pictures! guess what! our college has turned into some banana thinggy LOLOL. yellowish and all.

banana much? me likey! *positive thinking* 
anyway, i'm gonna read the articles that ms sabah gave us. it's quite entertaining and interesting. plus, i guess ill just do a question for accounts and go to bed. right now, i feel so sleepy! thank god! malaysian studies will be at 2pm tomorrow. :) moral studies class has officially FINISH! in other words, final exams for malaysian and moral studies................ :( coming! soon soon. oh gosh. and guess what! i haven't even do any revision for it. pfft.

Monday, July 11

fill in the blanks.

my title doesn't make sense at all. i was super hardworking where i actually went all the way to college. haha i had study group with esther and amanda. Isn't that bad afterall. haha, esther just can't stop complaining how useless is the english legal system book. HAHAHA because the one that she read is for the LLB students and not us. i took the one that she needed. ;) heheheheheh sorry.

i actually cracked some jokes while walking to the monorail with esther. it all started with this PLATE of spaghetti.

as usual, esther can't stop complaining about the noodles where it tastes like plastic. i mean c'mon. haha. i GUESS she will only say it tastes like plastic when she's in a bad mood. otherwise, she'll be like.. ah not bad not bad. ;) hehehe?

took a few pictures during malaysian studies. It's more like me wanting to take these pictures.. instead of them :( as you can see, im like forcing them to take. so to say lah =P :( (:(((((

i looked weird here. cheryl chang was trying to hide her face! URGH. i retarded me. syok sendiri.

and here's esther! she must be like, ah damn back off cheryl. look at her AGGRESSIVE  EXPRESSION.

re-try! second attempt. fail :(

third attempt. fail to the max. she totally ignored me :(((((((((((((((((((((((((

or should i say marilyn is the best? :D :D took her picture without forcing! spontaneously, hehehe. esther finally decided to be in the picture. yay or nay?

:) tuesday again tomorrow.

Sunday, July 10

guess what..............

im gonna go get my new study table! is it something good or bad? ;) ill take a picture after i get it okay. haha anyway, tomorrow i decided to join esther for some studying group thinggy. so called studying group. hope it's gonna be productive! all i need is people to motivate me. like, seriously. I DO NOT WANT TO PROCRASTINATE ANYMORE. it's july already. which means ill have maybe 3 more months from now? and i hate saturdays and always makes me feel like i'm so lazy and all while everyone will be like studying their asses off. argh, #pressure #pressure.

going college doesn't mean that we must only study right.....? camwhore is non-excludable. hehehehe, daily routine.

oh, you guys heard about my friend jofan! he was arrested and got bailed last night maybe around 1am? or earlier? haha everyone was trying to trend this #releasejofan #releasejofan HAHA at first, all of us were joking. out of sudden, it turns out to be something super duper serious. and everyone was praying! and hope jofan will be safe in jinjang. -.- i will never understand why lah, bersih just want 8 demands and a clean, and fair election. that's all. everything went out of control. there's pros and cons lah in this situation. everyone knows that. mhm. anywhoooo! jofan inspired me a lot. thanks. the courage (Y)(Y) great man.will be supporting you!

CAN YOU SEEE MEEEE? i wasn't even looking at the guys or anything. hahahaha. you gotta trust me in this ;)

and and and, bersih's rally is over. so to say lah. everything went back to normal i hope. and as for me? as usual. slack slack, procrastinate all the time. is it just me or.........................? 

p/s : im grateful for every single thing i have right now. amen!

Saturday, July 9

9th of july ;)

HI PEOPLE, i did not blog last night because i was super tired. i can't even open my eyes. what more getting up the bed and blog. i planned to sleep for 30 minutes only! guess what? i slept throughout the whole day and woke up at 10am today LOL. watched monte carlo last night. ill rate it for at least 7/10. wasn't that bad after all.

i've been on twitter since this morning! suppose to be studying! but this bersih rally thinggy just kept me alive and curious! its really great! knowing such stuff. ;) ;) currently im watching the kardashians! ive been missing it for weeks. ehehehe. regretted for not going to the rally :(

HAHA thumbs up! more like a bersih thing.

madaline and i ! :) just came back from aussie!

oh gosh galvin! hahahaha please do not ever do that expression anymore xDDDDDDDDD

freaking short post! ;)

Thursday, July 7

thoughts ?

lololol , nothing much to say . had law class and bla bla bla and and and stayed back . had some group studying . i did 3 essays in one day . something impossible but i did it . yay me . and , most of the time we actually camwhored . i only have two pictures . others , ill post it some other time .

im gonna go out soon ! thats why i need to have a short nap . not gonna talk or type much .

say hi to me . or maybe not . 

one of the best picture ! marilyn and i :) me likey .

yes , camwhore queeeeen .

Wednesday, July 6

...interesting heh.

hello ! did not blog yesterday. sorry sorry. was being too lazy. let me start complaining first about yesterday. there's a lot for me to actually spit out. :( well......... everyone knows that i dread accounts class like mad. and guess what. miss betty just told us that we will be having an extra every friday starting from next week. at first she wanted to set the time from 2pm-6pm. but i told her 6pm is really really too late. plus , 4 hours of accounts MAY kill my brain cells. too much. i can't take it lah haiyo. good thing is she decided to set the time from 2 -5pm. haihh , why must she torture me . pfft .

oh oh , we had some small meeting yesterday ! i joined the bac magazine thinggy. its kinda cool. they're super funny people. Ms Sabah ! she's like so nice and funnay. the way she acts around kinda funny. really really funny. lolol , ive been talking too much. sorry sorry.

todayyyy , went library ! studied a little. and and we finally finished our presentation. darwin's theory. urgh, another weird weird topic. why why why must we learn and do such presentation.ugh.! nevermind. two more weeks ! and malaysian / moral studies will end. can't wait. took so many super funny pictures today ! see okay?

WAS FOOLING AROUND IN CLASS ! while rayveen was there too . coincident ! :D


alright alright , need to study real hard today . not only today , everyday from now on . seriously ! im gonna start drinking coffee again . study study i just have too ! i've been slacking . goodnight peeps .

Tuesday, July 5

hello hello , bye bye .

hehehe hello people . many things happened today  . woaaah man . hahaha but i dont intend to blog about it today! because i have more other things to do . so , can i postpone it ? :D like tomorrow? heheheheeeeeeeeee . interesting day today ! indeed ! :D but ill talk about this tomorrow . because im really busy duper busy . 

so , bye byeeee . my title of this post explains . hello hello , bye bye . my trade mark . okay till then ! tomorrow okay okay okay :) ? 

Monday, July 4


hehehheheheeeeeeeeeeeeee hello my friends ! today , its gonna be a super duper short post ! yesterday , my sister went to the mines ! she watched transformers with her boyfieee . it was like the midnight movie lah . haha and she brought back this ! i know i may sound a lil / super duper jakun . but im so amazed by this little huge transformers popcorn + coke ! HAHAHA

its attached ! hahahahaha i thought it was some kind of a bottle or something . haha and then my elder sis took it and start eating the popcorn . i was like......... er... why did u put the pop corn inside there? she was like NO LAH . it sells like that . i was like ($*&#(*&$)# hahaha super amazed and i started to camwhore with it . haha thisss is sooo jakun .dont  mind me people .

by the way ! i hate today ! pfft , there's no kardashians ! -.- and they kept repeating khloe and lamar . like non-stop . irritates me . can't they like show the new episode !

okay anyway , later ill be having my first accounts tuition! :D i hope ill understand whatever he says . =P this saturday ! 9th of july ! bersih bersih ! me likey ! can't wait to know what's gonna happen ! go go go ! cheer 2011 has been postponed to the 24th due to bersih's rally . but neh , nevermind . cheer 2011 can wait :D hehehehehe . wondering whether should i go to church this sunday or saturday..... mhmm!  friends asked me to go on the sunday ! due to the bersih rally -.- hahahaaaaaaaaa

&&& hello hello ! a picture of me again .
bleh blah bleh ! monte carlo ! IM COMING!!!!!

Sunday, July 3

stop procrastinating .

ahhh , i slept at 1am last night . and i just woke up not long ago . till now , i still feel a little sleepy . all i wanna do is just sleep sleep and sleeeeeeeeeeeeep . half of my day is gone . mhm , i gotta start doing my work . i just need to . gotta stop being a procrastinator . dammit  i gave myself a-one-day-off yesterday . without books but only to relax my mind . #likeaboss .it feels great ! but , the bad part is that im gonna procrastinate again .

okay , last night ! went to puchong . my family , their friends and i ate at sup pedas kajang . its right opposite papparich . its all porky :D which makes it niceeee . haha especially the soup . i seriously do not know how to describe about the food . but nice , you guys should really try it :D

and here's a picture of the finish food . -.- LOLOL after eating only i realize that i forgot to take a picture of it . fail .

haha that much of food . okkkaaaay , not so gross right ? :D

after eating , we wanted to go to papparich to have desert . so , we sat there . the waiter gave us the menu and all LOLOL . after that! my mum was like , why not we go to carbon brasa which is right opposite papparich . . it was kinda embarrassing when you've actually sat and suddenly u just walked out from the shop . oh gosh . my mum..... " shakes head " 

so , they have those aunty talk . HAHAHAH and i was like stoning there . thank god there's wifi and all . i went onlineeee . chat with weishern . bla bla , he told me why my phone tak da whatssap . haiya , my phone not so pro as yours lah okay . i camwhored ! :D

first attempt , blur . 

second attempt , say cheeseee . my trade mark .

the talk .

and bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaaa , finally.............. reached home .

Saturday, July 2

birthday BASH !

yesterday , i had my econs test . paper one was pretty okay . when it comes to paper 2 section B . my eyes totally went like O_O . not gonna elaborate much about it . haha anywayyyy , after econs test ! i went out with galvin ! and his friends . emily , vee shian and.. more more  . i've forgotten their names . woops .

walked around and then suddenly there's this woman kept approaching us to go into the manhattan fish market . haha that shop . everyone was doubting whether to go in or not at first . then this lady non stop approaching -.- talking about the discounts and blahhh . so yeah , we just went in la . since we're hungry already plus the movie is starting soon .

the people . i didnt get any picture of myself btw. first time weih . HAHAHAHA .

and the soup ! quite nice lah . but from this picture , it looks like some curry sauce right ? HHAHAHA .
but super nice and cheesy as well . 

anyway , we went and watch transformers . for me ahhh , i think ITS OKAY only la . not so super duper nice . just okay . i find it can be kinda draggy . oh well . before that , emily and her friends go buy galvin's b'day cupcakes in the loaf . u know those small small cup cakes . hahaha . super nice lah ! i ate the chocolate one !

so we walk around and bla bla . galvin and i went for dinner near the sri petaling park there . the western food  hmm.. okok only la . wanted to eat frozen yogurt . but then... they didnt open . pfft . was looking forward lah . ! then we walk around the park . saw people jogging and it reminds me last time that i usually jog there before any sports competition starts ! haih! miss those days :)

the box i make ! many people wanted to know what is it and how does it look like . here's a picture of the before and after . 

before !

&& after . please tell me it's nice . HAHHAA i think its okay only la . plus , its super hard to do it you know . oh gosh . took me one week or less la . haha really hard . btw , its made by wood rulers and cable ties . 
do comment ! :D :D :D

waited for the train . haha and look at palm ! so cool , kay this is lame . LOLOL . 

and of course . happy birthday galvin , the birthday boy of the day ! first july . :)

and of course the blogger me ! :)

now i dont know whether should i study or not . feeling so tired right now . perhaps , i should take a nap . then only will decide . really exhausted this whole week . just need a break from everything ! pfft . or maybe do a little accounts :) yay or nay ? monday ill be having accounts class . haihhhhhh .

ciao .