Tuesday, May 31


hello peeps , ive decided to take a break from studying . my day today can be quite productive . did some econs questions , accounts homework and revise law . its quite tiring to actually squeeze all the information into my head . but i sorta manage to do so . now , im a lil concern about my law test which will be held next wed . im afraid mann =\ like seriously . 

highlights and highlights , yes , thats my book . looks so fugly now . urgh .
and the worst part is when i did the wrong question for econs . geez , damn stupid -.- it took me so much time to do a question . and when i found out that i did wrongly , i was like (*@&($&#)& . yes , that kinda feeling , you wouldn't wanna know . but nevermind , ill take it as i've did revision for it . hehehehehe .

and marilyn taught me how to do this . SO FUNNY . hahahahah!! and i was just trying la okay :) dont laugh , or okay u can laugh . i did this , just to release stress . 

my animation first picture ! will do this more with my collegemates ! :D cant waitttt . yay yay . 

watched the kardashians just now ! i love it . ive been neglecting those chinese movies and kept looking forward to those western movies . HAHAHA WESTERN -.- yeah this is my life , boring and dull at times . cant wait till this friday . meh . bye peeps .
p/s: the BBQ pic hasn't upload yet -.- be patient ! 

Monday, May 30

what's life ?

im kinda super duper moody now la . wth . i know how to explain the second question of econs , but its just i dont know which diagram should i put it on . therefore , i left it blank for the sec question . kinda frustrated . especially when you're trying to get into the damn mood to study and out of sudden u just realized that u dont know how to explain . ahh , #fail .

I MISS MY BLACK HAIRRR . or do i look better in my black hair ? or my latest one ? red copper/brownish already -.-

im so lifeless now , that im watching charlie angels now . after charlie angels , imma re-watch the spy next door again , its super funny . whenever there's jackie chan . went to my mum's kindergarten just now , hahahaha i tell you , i cant jaga lah those kids . really laaah , super tiring . half of my life was gone la . aiyo , running , screaming and crying . i feel like dying . now im back home , amen / hallelujah ! but they're cute as well lah . =)

aww , cute cute , frankly speaking , i prefer boys over girls . girls can't stop crying . AHHHH !
that lil guy on the left ownself spike up his hair . FTW ! haha

cute cute . 

kindaaa sleepy right now . you know what i should do ? HEHEHE , sleep . -.-

Sunday, May 29

stone .

i woke up quite late today . well , my defination of late is 10++am .  well , its because usually i wake up at 7+ or 8+ . i woke up late today because i had a bbq party last night . and its a blast babaaay . literally blast man . haha having so much fun . catching up with the girls and guys is just amazing :D love to do it more . love yan kuan's dslr . hahaha , my friend hasn't upload those pictures . so ill wait for her to upload den only ill continue blogging about the rest of the bbq .

this morning , i woke up . i kept stoning . decided to do my econs homework . and i did one question . consider not bad d lah cause i manage to do . as for the second one is a little... gah -..- cracking my head lah . damn it . but ill try tonight . i hate doing revision and studying in the afternoon . makes me really moody and sleepy . then , i can't concentrate .

now , im eating my chocolate cake . it taste really good maaan . and i can't stop watching american idol over again and again . haha im waiting for the finale . hhehehe  .

p/s :  please help me click those advertisements links on fb pls pls , pretty ?  its not a scam okay people . im not so bad . 

Saturday, May 28


i dont have the urge to blog already ! nuffnang tipu saya . ISH . btw i wont be blogging much about my life today . cause its only 8am and ill be having a bbq party tonight , so ill blog about the party tomorrow :D

Friday, May 27

lay back .

its time to sit and lay back , yay baby . my holidays start from today ! heheeee , but exams is gonna start after my holidays . how shitty is that ? well , may god bless me. -_-

we had econs class and thank god my lecturer did not call me to go infront and draw the graph . plus , im like sitting directly infront of him . i was like shaking wei , my hands . haha after econs class , my friends and i went to mayflower . its like some hawker stall la . i ate char kuey teow . damn hot lah pedas . no mood .

and guess what , our friend , miss esther teh . she just got her new IPHONE 4 from her brother . omggg . thats very cool . happy happy lah she . congrats congrats . i bet she's gonna be like super happy and well perhaps she wont even sleep lah . oh gawd . 

yes , thats esther with her iphone . btw look at the girl behind esther . HAHAHAHA she's like wthell ? i think she's just jealous ! HAHAHAHAH

chicken rice ! ahha the food that they ate . apparently , it doesnt look so good here thats why i censor the others and put the nicest one there . haha

after eating , companied esther to kl sental . thought they got a maxis shop there , unfortunately , tak da . so , they went midvalley and im home now blogging and chatting with an ass (: 

toodles :)

Thursday, May 26

A place to chill and release stress :)

i don't know how to start . but anyway , my friends and i had law class today . it was okay , as usual (: we finished earlier . and my lecturer got a new hair cut , kinda cute lah . HAHA so funny . haih , tomorrow i got econs , which means i have to revise those graphs . damn pathetic lah . supposingly im gonna start my holiday today already . unfortunately , our lecturer didn't wanna let us go . =.= kay whatever , after law class , my friends and i took a monorail to times square . haha we lepak and yada yadaa... we camwhored .and as usual , girls thing .

we we we ate MCD , waited for these two loser guys to move so that we can get the table , guess what ? they're so freaking inconsiderate lah ! they know that we're gonna sit yet they still pretend to delay the time . loser people .

Its that much of french fries okay ! :) but we manage to finished it . hail hail . 

we walked around , went to find esther's " angry bird " haha finally we found . and she bought two . quite cute and nice to press as well . hahahaaaa .and we camwhored a lot and a lot and a lot .

Esther , Me and Cheryl Chang .

and marilyn :) let's all be in the box . 

super hungry lahh . 

WE ATE TUTTY FRUITY ! I TELL YOU THE PRICE IS....... -____-" but awesome food there . 
its really nice . 100grams for rm5.30 . so we thought okay la , lets get 100 grams . MANATAU tertekan too much of the ice cream and it ended up at 180 grams . with this small little amount of ice cream can caused a bom , okay la not bom la . but its 9 bucks plus . 
retarded la. 

eat and eat 

lastly us , in krispy kreme . OHHH i miss this place so much :) 
esther is the photographer . !


Wednesday, May 25

yellow . people .

today we had malaysian studies exam . haha it was funny during the exam . friends and i kept chit chatting as soft as possible . somehow i dont know why many people finish their exam in 1 hour 30 mins with 60 questions of objective and 4 essays to write . SO INCREDIBLE LAH they all . haha and im like rushing my ass off . i can't believe i went to the library to study . its impossible . but i manage to do so . (:

ah , i love camwhoring . 

currently watching american idol , top two babaeeeeyy . im pretty sure that scotty is gonna win the title though . isn't it too obvious ? pretty hungry as well right now . doom doom doom . might play badminton with mihui tomorrow :) yay , for the win  ! so long never play badminton already , don't know how's the feeling like heh .


Tuesday, May 24

how ironic .

hey folks , im back from accounting class . it was merely okay la . but towards the end , almost fell asleep . i can't bear hearing those bunch of people talking about jay chou again and again and again . he is not so good looking also . aiyah okay la , perhaps cause i have different thinking and perception la .

my day today ? was OKAY OKAY LA . finally , the cafeteria in my college got new type of sweets . and the wrapping can be very patriotic lor . its like some cola cola sweet la , not as nice as fizzy cola . !

after class , went to mayflower and eat . this time i ordered some pork noodles . eh not BAD la  ,  okay okay la . after that , was deciding whether to walk to college or sit the shuttle van from one building to another . basically , my college has 3 buildings , but its all seperated . so , for us to walk from one to another is quite a distance , maybe 7 mins la . that time all of us were so tired and everything . waited for a while , the van did not come , so we walk back la to bac . halfway walking we saw the van ! and we stopped the van , it was freaking hilarious ! haha all of us is like kinda jakun ! screaming for the van HAHAHAHA . 

THE VAN , i know it looks simple from the inside , but outside quite nice , i didnt get to snap a picture of it. 
this van also looks small , but can fit 16 people :O according to my lecturer . well , i doubt so

LOOK AT CHERYL's Happy faceeeyy :) well , this is cheryl chang . she has the same name as me . haha cheryl ! yeah , yay ! i get to sit the van ! thumbs up :) happyyyy happyy . okay , that's a lil insane :P dont kill me . 

we went to bac1 and try to redeem our money ! for the movie ticket , guess what . they receptionist thought we cheat her money . DARN STUPIDDD . Marilyn sorta have a debate with her , ngeeek . pro melilin ! :) future lawyer (: the lady kinda-don't-like marilyn after that , but who cares about her . this is such a stupid thing . but whatever lah okay , pass already ! 5 bucks for a movie counted cheaaap hehehee . 

i thought this friday will be a holiday for me already , manatau got class , WHY SO UNFORTUNATE WAN . ahh , tomorrow exam la , i better study la . toodles :)

grab from marilyn's blog :) hello okay bye .

Monday, May 23

When you got nothing better to do but only....

wth . i can't believe im awake at this time especially when i don't have classes today . wtheck is wrong with me , screw this . got up from bed , went to the toilet . was kinda blur at that moment . real blur . i barely can see anything . but i guess i still look okay in this..

SUPER CONSTIPATED , yes . -___-" look at my freaking eye bags ! OHHHH MAAAMAMAA.

after that , i walked into my bed room . and saw all my books lying on the floor. is this something where god is trying to tell me that I MUST STUDY ??!? #@*&(#*&#) . 

malaysian studies and econs -_- WHAT WHAT , the struggle of independence. something which i dread the most . MONDAY . 

decided to delay the time to read malaysian studies again , and now . my astro is INACTIVE . gosh gosh . today is such an unfortunate day . real unfortunate . perhaps , i'm meant to study and revise malaysian studies again , shall i ? 

yes , my mum paid already -.- got astro sometimes can be SO MAFAN. HAHAHAHAA . 

kay , nuff said . im gonna go om nom nom nom . and call the management ! hope they will allow me to have a BBQ party this saturday , cross fingers ? :) :) :) 

Sunday, May 22


OKAY PEOPLE YES YES , very long , duper long . i think im gonna start blogging again lahh . i dont know why , but somehow ! i think im back la for blogging . so , if you happen to drop by , please type something on my cbox . seriously , its dead . and those people cant stop spamming my cbox .

do me a favour pleaseee ? will you . (:

my breakfast / hot milo ! seriously , it looks like hot chocolate right right ? :)

esther companied me to makan . 
anyway , yesterday my college booked the whole cinema for us to watch in KLCC  ! (Y) pirates of the carribean :) its an awesome movie lahh. sat with Marilyn , Esther and Cheryl Chang . we went there quite early . so , i suggest to go to the park there to snap a few photos . haha we had fun , joy and banyak lagi :)

Marilyn And I :)

Marilyn , Me , and Esther :)

We're so tiny ! four of us plus Cheryl Chang :D

Them :)

More and more pictures!


after the movie , we took the train to pavilion . wanted to eat in i-dragon , unfortunately the price wasn't convincing enough . so , we ate in the food court . after that , we wanted to try snowflake since esther haven't try before , and its full and pack . =.= walk around and we found this shop where they make sweets . eh kinda cool lor . they gave me one lollipop ! FOC :) its nice but i didnt manage to finish it because i started to get bored of it and it make my lips and mouth numb like crazy .

The Lollipop :) sour sweeeeeet . =\

A picture in the train . 

after all this outing ! got home , rest a lil . drank chaTime . sis bought for me . not really nice la this time the drink . boo. that's all . (:

gonna update again tomorrow :)

p/s : many more pictures kat facebook . !