Monday, April 11

rise and shine !

its monday . and i got no college . and im slacking around . And also today is april :) which means justin bieber's concert ! im not a big fan of him but just wanna go for fun . i should have buy switchfoot ticket instead D: 

tomorrow , imma having moral studies which means its gonna be pretty bored . hope it'll turn out good :)
yesterday , there's a competition going on . and my team got third . :) applause ! oh , fyi , its a handball competition ! training was insane for the past few weeks . D: D: and one of the coach asked us to go for the sukma training which is tues , thurs and sat . look at the days . omg . seriously , im not gonna put much commitment into it . dont blame me . because i have more things to get done . (:

Michelle And I :)
after handball training , we still can camwhore ! (Y) thumbs up!
look la , we're super exhausted la . haha . constipated smile . 

i just found out that my lappie kena virus . DARN ! im not gonna reformat again . -__-|| stupid . 
kay ciao . 


Wednesday, April 6

let's begin !

OKAY , hello peeps . haha look at me , im like super outdated . sorry , im like seriously lazy to blog la . but nevermind , ill start with today . haha again . my college has started . and , i met pretty awesome friends . and they're cool! and im very busy lately , with handball trainings and a lot more to come . but i hope my blog does sustain lah  . looks like everytime ive been saying this , but one word " failed " -_- kay , ill try my best ! haha hmm , let me post up some pictures la , so that my blog wont look so dull . -_-

well , i wasn't smiling . but it was more like a so called fake smile lahh . wait , i think constipated more la . haha was at jogoya . the place was (Y) . great food and also THE PRICE @.@
kay , move on .

and for my hello bloggie and goodbye picture for today . :D

orientation was fun for the first two days , today? er , haha quite bosan . haha but hope it'll be better soon la . cross my fingers .

i feel changes in my life . and at the same time , my life is good . :D this is random .

A-HAHA , failure .