Friday, June 25

tired & hectic

yes yes according to my title . Its right . Totally right . Im sorry again that i can't update my blog as frequent as possible . oh , thank god i've finished my seni project . (: Just a little bit more touch up . gahh . & guess what ? after so long , finally teachers gave us class homework ! i know . Its a little too insane for you to believe this . BUT c'mon dudes ! btw , its not a sad thing . but im glad though . At least i got something to do . (: have been touching my books lately . hmm , so as for today , i've decided to took a break from everything . Went CF today , was suppose to watch some show . unfortunately , we can't watch due to some minor problems . so , played the mafia game . Which i haven been playing for ages . -.- till today . oh , and suprise ! today carmen did not cycle me home because its raining . BUT charles cheng fetch me home with his striking red kembara car . HAHA ! Its pretty cool anyway . (: thanks . the weather is so cold out there and im freezing and tired . Most probably slack around today or just sleep since im a lazy bum . (: heh . if im not mistaken , the form 5's will be having their monthly test on the 26th of july . ohhh noooo . another one . -.- spm is like so near . like real near . think about it , its really freaking scary though . oh , and i haven been going online these days .

recently there's this girl from chinese youth church FGAKL invited me to my church . wait , before that , let me emphasize first . yes , we belonged in the same church but hers is the chinese version and mine is the english one . so , out of sudden she called me and invited me to some party which is tomorrow. But i guess i won't be able to make it since there's many things for me to catch up in order to score . so , i did not reply her whether will i be able to go . and she just texted me approximately 30 minutes ago just to re-comfirmed with her . hmmm? so yeap , thats the story of it .

oh and perhaps ill just blog once a week . my ideas are gone . i don't know where did it flew till i got no idea what to blog about . its only 8.30pm right now . my mind is blank blank blank. im just tired though . Moreover , i don't want anybody to mention that my blog is dead OR " your blog is officially dead " -.- i've came acrossed many incident like that . ah , its annoyinggg people .

guess ive been crapping too much . (:
before that , remember the little boy who pee around me . here is his picture .
haha i was just fooling around ! (: 

adorable much . ? (:

was in the library the other day . (: look at our phones . and spot my purple phone! and yes ! that one lost already . :(

Friday, June 18

short post about midvalley

sorry about the previous post about me saying its gonna be a long post . (: haha i've been window blogging just now . many people blogged about the midvalley outing . so i guess i don't have too . But ill make it short , we watched er A-Team first and rest for 15 minutes and watched another movie karate kid , Thumbs up (: go and watch . Its recommended everywhere i suppose . A-team were great too . but i prefer karate kid more . oops .
the people who watched karate kid was only Kimberly , Carmen & I . And the people who watched A-team with me is Jonathan Choy , Brandon Peter Morais , Chin Carmen , Kimberly woo & Joshua Theah . haha it was a blast watching movie with these peeps . they're insane . haha . kept laughing . no doubt we're the noisiest there. We sit almost behind there . So yeap . And i kept throwing pop corn . Ngeeek . So , after that didnt know the form 2s and form 4s is gonna be there too . So joined a few of them for kenny rogers . People who ate with me are trushal , Carmen , Kimberly & Chun Sian . haha . As you can see , there is like so many groups of friends there . O_O . Will post up half of the group picture there . hmm?

As for yesterday , it was an asshole day . -.- after library with Chun Sian , Choon Sien , Kimberly and Carmen again , Kimberly and I planned to go KLCC and we watched mamarduke ? I think so it spelled like that . It was okay (: comedy . and just so you know , i lost my phone . Not the DiGI one but the MAXIS one . so , fyi , i dont have any maxis number and phone anymore . Actually , i don't know whether i dropped it somewhere or its a pick-pocket . I hate it . The same second phone that i bought . Lost . Kinda devastated yesterday & thank god i got another phone with me or else i won't be having any phone . -.-


p/s : there is more pictures in facebook (:

Thursday, June 17

stay tune .

stay tune with the midvalley's outing . (: I guess is gonna be a long post again . (:
be right back again .

Monday, June 14


Oh , puhleaaaseeee... cheryl . (:
oh there , i've updated my blog on the 14th of june . Here's an update .

Sunday, June 13

yaaaaaaaa !

ignore my titleee . HAHA anyway , im sorry that i still cant post up any pictures so far . I lost my cable . my phone cable . -.- pathetic . I need to use the laptop because the laptop got bluetooth . Oh wells . I hate saturday . haha im random .

Oh Oh Oh OH ! im addicted to the SIMS 3 . Its so nice and fun and i enjoy playing it . mwahaha. thanks to Wong Choon Sien who borrowed me . bleh . I'm such a lazy bump bump bump . I want to watch karate KID ! who've watched ? Is it GOOD !? recently tv3 showed rush hour 3 . I know its a little too outdated and yes , ive watched ! haha and i re-watched again . Its really funny lahhh . haha . I have been watching sukma in Malacca . Im so not watching fifa . -.- i hate football as much as i hate cats . I got no interest . So , please don't ask me anything about football . I know nothing .

be right back .

Thursday, June 10

helping out .

hey , yes im back for a while . haha just so you know , ive been helping out my mum in her kindergarten . AND is not easy dude . -_- frankly speaking ? half of my life were dead since yesterday . Talk about this 2 years old boy . Let me tell you the story (: i brought him to the toilet . and basically he is very short that he cant even reach the toilet seat . (: so as for boys , they dont seat , they stand when they gotta urine . right ? i gotta carry him a little higher just to reach the bowl . and ended up my whole hands and pants are full of his urine because he did not shoot properly . -__-|||| what a boy . but he's adorable . very . and the kids are now taking their afternoon nap . Its a great and wonderful time for me to blog since its been a while . thats the topic for the kindergarten .

and yes , last tuesday if im not mistaken . Mihui and i decided to go to the library which is the one near to the dataran merdeka . Perpustakaan kuala lumpur . Let me start our journey by then . firstly, we went to midvalley for some stuff . (: so after that , we wanted to take the ktm to the lrt and transfer to masjid jamek . But guess what ? the ktm was down for two hours and u don't expect us to wait and waste our precious time for two hours right ? so we was like wondering , gosh ? how now? and as we was walking we saw this bus is heading to pasar seni . Thank god and we quickly hopped into it . which only cost for two bucks .seriously , better than ktm :D -.- so after approximately 15 minutes , we reached . so we walk and walk and walk heading to the library . And finally we've reached . and as we were heading inside there . The security told us sleeveless shirt and shorts weren't allow to go in ! we was like . . . . * insert vulgar words * you get what i TOTALLY meant right . yes , you're right . We're freaking pissed . ! don't u think is a little too much and what a stupid rules and regulations . Not logic . -_- fuh ! whatever . So , since we're near klcc . We went to klcc and watched shrek -.- it was funny and great . after the movie , i went to mihui's house and study . It was a great studying with her .

in conclusion , we DID study .-.- tried using bus (: and get to watch shrek forever after & ate MCD! (: half of the day was waste just like that but still manage to study in the end . Tell me about how pathetic were we during the journey .At that moment we just feel like stabbing humans . -_- horrible & terryfying librarrrryyyy !

kay , i felt that i've been typing too much . HAHA ! (: after so long. Blehhh
about the 2 years old boy's picture . Ill post it up his picture later if its possible because im using my uncle's laptop now . (: his laptop doesnt have bluetooth . haha . the old version one . but still great & can be used .
and holidays is like one week more ++ . gah ! its already killing me . -_- fuhh . haha i shall do something better than eating sleeping eating sleeping eating sleeping . I wanna be fat just so you know . No offence to the others . Like i said , im too thin to be true -_- i hate it . ah whatever .

bye . (: have fun reading this superb long long long post that i think is long lah . haha dont wanna read also its fine to me . HAHA . its lame . Kay toodles .

oh wait , lastly , try watching Jonathan and Brandon peter's video . They made a cover baby by justin bieber . Try going to my facebook ! (: click the videos side . And watch . Its insane and hilarious . Im promoting . haha . (: and same goes to kimberly woo , she did a baby by justin a cover as well in youtube . ask her for the website . (: thanks to cheryl for promoting ! :D HAHA officially BYE !

Monday, June 7


after so long then another outing . (: went midvalley with Kah yeng , min see and her sister . Wanted to watch this show ( ive forgotten what show ) but ended up watching killers . Oh gosh , awesome show ! thumbs up ! =) after watching blah blah blaaaahhh , bumped into the two bimbos , Bryan And Jun Yao (: They was heading to the cinema  . hmmm , didnt know what to eat . Walk walk walk & walk around as usual . Its getting bored . -_- passed by the exhibition . The PC AND ELECTRONICS fair . Boring . (: went and get ice-creams . erm , (: finally , decided to eat Pizza Hut . Was laughing all the way like an idiot . haha . It was hilarious . erm ? what else heh . And took a few pictures . blabbing all the way , talk crap . errr ? i guess the whole outing wasn't bored at all . hmmm..
min see and i (:


oh and never forget , bumped into Aileen and her brother . Was in the CD shop . (:

Saturday, June 5

2 weeks !

my blog can be veryyy dead . DOH!  yes yes , don't have to remind me . haha . But since holidays are UP ! i guess ill have more time blogging ,posting pictures , and yadaaa yadaaa .
i can't believe that i woke up at 9am :O

ttyl (:

edited !
kayy , now im free . ill be posting up a few pictures . These pictures has been in my phone for ages . haha . So i don't know specifically when did i captured it though . (: oh yeah , before that ! come to my school for this hari canteen thinggy . Its on the tenth of JULY . SMK BUKIT JALIL . haha kay , ive promote ! (: nyaaahhh .
this ice cream is so cooll right ?! :D its squareee . anyways , carmen and i bought it in some pasar malam . You know the one near the store ? every tuesday one . haha yes there . It was a random thing and as i said i've forgot when did i took this picture . Its with my phone . So , bear with it (:

my niece and i . Basically , i look funny here . haha . It was random as well ;D

remember i told you about the cookies? hahaha .
the patterns that carmen , min see and i made . (: thumbs up .

celebrated Pn . Loi's b'day secretly . Sheeshh . haha but i guess it wont be a secret anymore (:
since i decided to post it up here .
ngeeeeeeh .
happy belated again . (:

yay us ! 
Cheryl , Min see & WOOO! haha kimberly .

was gonna cut my hair . So , before that took a pic . haha
Yeah yeah yeah , its carefour APT . :D

am i done now ? (: haha i guess so .

Let's not bother what people think about us . The actual fact is still with us .
I might be the weird , crazy , stupid , gossipeeerrsss cheryl . haha . Ill erase that . (:
now , im the new cheryl . haha but still weird and funny lahh sometimes . -.-
blehhh . To those humans , who can't accept me for who i am . How patheric =)

tooddddlleessss !