Friday, May 28

cookies day !

kay , last wednesday , Min See , Carmen And I decided to go to min see's house to bake some cookies . Partly , we just did the shaping la . Considering Min See's mum guide us through out the process . But it turned out to be great after all . (: and have i said that i am so-INTO crazy your love is my drug by kesha . haha , its awesome tho . Have been being crazy in my class these days . haha my friend is insane , she loves to put the pva glue around our door knob ! -_- darn her . So , most of our friends didn't know and accidentally touched it . How pathetic . ? haha . She wanted to kenakan my BM teacher since he always attacked my friend for nothing . Unfortunately , it failed . -.- We're so mean . :D oh wait , since when we're nice ? HAHA good question . Isn't ? talk about the glue makes me wanna kill her . haha because i am one of the victim as well .

Oh and sorry for not updating frequently . As i said , i have so many things to do . Such as projects . Projects can be one of the most hectic thing ever in school . What more college ? sheeeesh ! just finished my karangan with 621 words . Its not that much though . My Bm teacher is threatening us indirectly . So , im forced to do so -_- dang !  having BBQ tonight with part of my family members since they've came down from Singapore . Its a privilege to get together as part of the family besides those chinese new year and so on . (: can't wait .

i will be posting up a few pictures when im in Min See's house . There will be a few more coming up next . (:

wait , let me mention again , the girl who puts the gum all around the knob is her ! HAHAAA kah yeng . Sorry , your identical has been revealed . toodles !
I love this pic a lot ! (:
from the left Min See , Min See's sister and Carmen !

HOW ADORABLEEE !!!! -_- sorry . 

and this ? adorable too !! hahahahaha joking -_-

Min see and i . I looked so constipated . geezz!

spot her sister . Awwww .

ice-cream is just so cool .

Sunday, May 23

what a wonderful day (:

im back after one week again . Sorry peeps . (: frankly speaking , i wanted to blog yesterday but i did not have the time . Went to the library with kimberly woo yesterday . It was awesome studying there . Quiet , peaceful , and you know . Ill be delighted to go there again . But one thing i hate there ! ITS SO COLD . Thank god i brought my jacket but i can see Kimberly was freezing on the other side . Mwahaha . But overall it was fine , okay , awesome . haha so after studying , we decided to watch letters to Juliet . Ill rate this movie 10/10 :D thumbs up ! Such a romantic loving story . Please do not ever ever miss it ! to the girls out there . I don't know whether will the guys like it or not . (: Who cares though ? Oops .

Oh and sports are totally over for me . (: im happy . I hope that i will be able to concentrate better for now till spm . Wish me luck ! and people if you ever see me online besides blogging , please do ask me to study . :DDD i just want some encouragement . nehhhh :O
Oh and while i was in the library preparing to go , I bumped into Justin Choy . how suprise . Totally . (: till then . Will be back with more updates .

kinda blur , please bear with Jonathan's camera . -__-

Its carmen at the back and me with some weird expression . (: I love the lightings !
yellowishhh .

how determined can cheryl be ? ;)

We're gonna shine your light so the world can see ! 
Thanks for being there again & again .

Friday, May 14

blah blah blah .

After approximately a week i'm back . Finally , i've got the time to blog . I've been really busy and exhausted this entire week . What a hectic week . But still I'm alive . (: Kay , got chosen for the selection of mssmWP handball . WP stands for wilayah persekutuan . Went for their training since yesterday and today . Trust me , even IF i got chosen , i'm gonna reject it (: cause its tiring and retarded lah the training . -_- Mainly its because they just don't cooperate with you . What a team (: No point though . haha this whole week i've been eating hard boiled eggs * thumbs up * hahahaha i make cupcakes too . First time wei -_- applause !
and went to Cf today . Pastor Daniel spoke today . Its pretty cool and some funny jokes . Like it . After that , guess who sent me home ? haha ITS CHIN CARMEN . Wait , when i say sent , doesn't mean she has a car . She cycled me home . Fullstop . It was hilarious . We two almost fall off from the bicycle . HAHA try to think of it , good memories . :D :D :D What else heh ? guess till here . (: will be back soon i guess =\

me ! (:

 Kiss me goodbye (:
thanks for the thing that u gave .

Saturday, May 8

smiley .

haha just did finished my moral project , it was half done :O
HAHA i'm slow , okay fyi , next tuesday i won't be in school again due to the competition . haha yes , 7 of us got imported by MGS . Thank you people . hmmmm , will be going out dinner later . Its gonna be an awkward moment . haha . Oh well , you know . mhmm ..

BTW THANKS FOR THE CRANE . Its wonderful , will appreciate . HAHA same goes to the fake flower . -_- . haha ;D its a short post though . I got no idea what to blog . hmm , wait till i got back my inspiration . Oh wait , talked about inspiration , Thanks shait jing .LOL i think this is how your name speeeelll  :( hmm , thanks for the keychain . With my name on it . (: will post the key chain . but not today . ;D

crane ! :D thanks .
will be back (:

Friday, May 7


I know my title is a little out . HAHA because i decided not to talk much about my handball thing . Im lazy , but ill post some pictures up . If i got the time . These days , ive been pretty lazy to blog and lazy in anything . Just lazy , tired , exhausted & sick . -_- So , i won't be talking much i guess . Yaaaawwwnnn . See , im gonna start to yawn again . Darn .

Ill post two for now (:
I looked so sepet here -_____-

Sunday, May 2

matrix or matrices ?

haha anyways , just finished doing matrices . Kinda fun (: sorry , haven been updating these days . Pretty lazy . Mood swing again . haha . So , went out with the players yesterday . Manage to watch this local movie name - cycle of love . It was okay for a local movie . By time i came home with my parents , i was kinda - very exhausted . And , ill post one picture so far lar . right (: cuz its 10.39pm already . Around this time i suppose to be sleeping . But yeah , i updated . And fyi , kimberly woo will be singing tomorrow . Can't wait (: please go to school tomorrow as you can see her sing live ! woots , her f.o.c concert HAHAHA WOOPS .
 kay , here's the task . SPOT ME ! :DDDD
stupid task

& lastly , to my so NOT  awesome shorty , happy birthday bryan foo . (:
hope your dream will come true by growing taller . (: