Friday, April 30

Hate crap you .





anyways , hiii humans . Will update again soon . Tomorrow i got maths exam , gotta revise soon yeaaahh . (: timeless . Be right back .

I know you love me , i know you care . :PPP

Tuesday, April 27

I just fill my mind with Maths (: great

kay , recently weishern sent me some of this old pictures . It kinda reminds me of many many many old memories (: And sometimes i wish we could just turn back to that particular moment . Unfortunately , impossible . Isn't ? everyone is changing from time to time . This include me myself . I guess I've changed too . But its humans nature right ? (: sometimes you just don't want to grow , you rather stay the old innocent and happy ones . But still (: hard .
Oh , my leg is getting better , most probably ill start training on thursday (: is it too fast or early ? =) practice makes perfect . Competition next week .

Enjoy viewing the pictures . (: look at us . And  give us some feedback and of course make sure its good Or else ill shoot you .
basically , at the back thats Angeline , Shirley And JinHan (: 
different right ? haha humans grow !

from the left , Chin Joevy , Facing the camera one is Yan Kuan and in the Pj shirt is Me : cheryl (:

this is the part where we bowl . We used to go to the bukit jalil golf and country resort for bowling . 
Purple shirt is shirley , sitting one is Chiam Lee Cheng And the blue shirt is Ian ! :D

shirley and chiam .

from the left , Selwyn , Wenchun , Kuan na ( in white shirt ) , Choon Sien And shirley the right one . (: HAHA cute right ? old faces =P
wenchun looked pathetic la . HAHAHAHA

till here (: 

p/s : thanks for being such a caring person even though there's nothing anymore . :DD

Monday, April 26

what's with my leg ? SUPRISE !

haha i've over exert today . D: hope ill be able to compete next week . Wish me luck and pray for me lar . Thanks people . Played handball today , sprained my ankle before training , but yeah i ownself wanna train more . HAHA . :P and then this crappy amin never see , he bumped into me  . AHHH , he's stupid . -__-  so yeah it became worst =) before i show the picture . Don't be shock and remember to say HIIIII to my leg :D fyi , first time (:
p/s : ive cut my hair ! :D

Sunday, April 25

when the cloud turn into a dust .

I'm busy , lights out . !
retardation . (:
I'm sleepy . But i gotta go out soon . No peace , no rest .
See you peeps during training .

Saturday, April 24

done (:

everything went smoothly yesterday . I'm proud . I'm happy . Everyone is happy . Thank you to those who encouraged me all this while . Just wanna grab the oppurtunity to thank you all . You know who you are. (: I don't have to mention widely here . Okay , let me stay on my very own track . Did nothing much . just oh well , normal routine . Like i said , boring . Oh wait , i miss the arguement between students to students in my school again yesterday ! =.= awww , i've missed it . and this is the 5th time ! Maybe is god's will , he decided not to let me see . HAHAHA . woops (: But its kay , i don't mind . I believe there will be more as days goes on . Look at the time people , its 6.30++am . yes , i woke up extremly early today and i got nothing to do . And also i dont wanna go to school that early . So yeah . (: its scary to walk right now riiiigggghhht ? =\

kay , ill end here !

and wait last but not least ,
   Open the blind eyes
Unlock the deaf ears
Come to your people
As we draw near
Hear us from heaven
Touch our generation
We are your people
Crying out in desperation .
Amen .


Thursday, April 22

The continue (:

i'm lonely today (: my mum did not cook . My sisters went out . My dad as well . Same goes to my mum . Cut short , my whole family went out . HAHA . Cook maggieeee . -_- Quite nice . Self-praising . :P Anyways , back to today's topic . Just so you know , many problems occur today . even the police came . I sense something not nice at all . Ah , normal typical students who love to get themselves into trouble . Ill just stick to what happen to me today . Stayed back for handball . It went pretty well . (: Sadly , i went tan like a lot compared to the normal days . yeah , and i know i've never been fair . so whatever . (: hmmm , country story is killing me these days and im getting bored over it as days pass by . Common humans , i need something new in my life , rather than going through my old boring routines . Ahhh . Shoot me peeps . Oh , im kinda addicted to this song from justin bieber feat sean kingston - eenie meenie . Very cute the title of the song . Don't you think so (: better give me some great feedbacks ! thank you .

Oh , and i would like to continue posting up pictures of myself , Delaney and Kimberly woo !
OH YES ! i got another of this cute ride ! picture . (: imma gonna start collecting it now .

(: cheryl once again .

 say yes to us again . 

Min see forgot to bring my art project , and i cant continue anything of mine . -.- 
Who's going to school this saturday ? I'm not . (: I salute people who actually plan to go this saturday . Have fun with it (: see ya .

P/S :
oh lord , heal my heart as you know what am i gonna go through tomorrow . I commit everything to you .. Please give me the courage to do so . Amen .

Wednesday, April 21

Feelings just remain .

skipped school today . Was having a bad flu and fever (: Gonna miss slapball today . Submitted my photos yesterday . Its simple (: Anyway , i feel that things are changing badly these days . People around me are just changing from time to time . Is it easy to accept something new from someone ? When tears are dropping as time pass by . Do they even care ?

I don't think so (:


I'm gonna miss this class badly :( especially after I've step out smkbj . They're a very nice & awesome people to hang out . Although , in your eyes we might be some losers But at least we're nice ! To tell the truth , i can be myself around them . No offense to the others . Yeah (: im grateful to be in 5 Harapan . Its a gift from god !

my phone is blur ! -_-
thats Delaney , Kimberly and of course me (:

to tell you the truth , i love this picture a LOT (:

never forget , the photographer : Aileen Donis ! she doesn't wanna take a picture with us . She's an anti-camwhorer . HAHA

and lastly , happy birthday florence choi choi choi !

till then . (: imy

Sunday, April 18

Out of topic !

fuh ! just ate nasi lemak , my mouth is burning badly right now . I can't really eat chili actually ! :P kay , err watched when in rome yesterday with Kimberly , Brandon Peter and Aileen . (: it was a funny and stupid movie at the same time . I rate this movie 9/10 (: is really awesome . Try watching it people . After watching , Delaney and Matthew joined us . Slacked around a little . And yeah , i went for the deodorant getsby ? HAHA i dont know how to spell that brand lah . So yeah , it was some last minute plan . I went after my tuition is over . And i have to literally push forward my tuition . It was tiring . At the mean while in midvalley , bumped into Stephanie's Gang  lol which is oh well , chai carmen and so on so on . (: i forgot . Oh yeah , i just realise " Britt Nicole's " song is wonderful and meaningful . Seriously , go download any of her songs ! you'll like it. And im addicted (:

pictures will be up any time soon . Waiting for Kim and Del to pass me the pictures .
QUICK humans!  :D
oh and before i go , i would like to present you people yan kuan the superhero . haha Her running picture . (:
its edited by me (:
yan kuan showing her skills as she run !

ciao .

Friday, April 16

long journey

hey , peeps ! immaaa back grateful much ? Kay i know bryan will disagree on this . But its okay . HAHA hmm , school sangat bising . seriously , due to the anugerah thing . -_- cracking my ears when the teacher is trying her best to scream on the left side of my ear while the anugerah's music is going on on the right side of my ear . Can u actually imagine how much am i suffering . -_- and yeah , the weather is totally ... oh well u know . My class was located at a wrong wrong wrong wrong place . Eventhough i sit under the fan , but what i get was just some hot wind . Not cooling at all , not fun . Try being in my class , you'll go crazy . Okay , enough of class . !

went to station kopitiam with Kimberly woo for some group study thing , we sort of made it . After 7pm wen chun , joshua and brandon came . they went MCD to get some drink and we catch them up later . After that , we decided to go to the mamak since prasad invited us . So yeah , " give face " lah . :P so chit chat for one hour , and yeap now im back . Humans , welcome me . (:

goodbye , gotta finish my maths homework or else ill be dead . :D

Tuesday, April 13

kiss me goodbye

this will be some random post & the question is ....

what will u do or say when someone actually say goodbye to you ? Will you just give a smile ? or walk away ? (: definite answer humans ! :D

Monday, April 12


okay , i'm gonna be honest here . My results totally dropped a LOT . And when i say A LOT , means oh well you get what i mean . I mean compared to my previous intervensi . Disappointed . So , fyi ill cut down blogging . (: as in i won't be blogging so much . AND NOW I NEED AN ICE-CREAM desperately . Thank god my house is full of one . nyahhhh . The only subject which went up so far is mathematics and economi asas . STILL -_-
during CF . 

taking pictures in the toilet can be girl's hobby . But the main point in the pictures is SPOT KIMBERLY'S ASS (:

boooo yaaa kim (:

I felt better these days . (: and i love it and and and ill push harder in everything i do .

Sunday, April 11

sunway .

baby baby baby noooooo ~  be right back , will edit this with sunwayyyyy . (: come back later .

Went Sunway yesterday with Stella and Kimberly Woo . Didn't do much , and yeah yesterday it was my first time eating burger king . HAHAHA (: im cool . Mhmmm , it was fine . Watched some performance in Sunway . No offence , it was boring . Took a few pictures , go crazy , do retarded stuff as usual . oh well , its me . You will never be peace around me . Did not watch movie yesterday instead we bought a popcorn just to stuck up our mouth . Kimberly start going crazy by sitting on those kiddy rides which u have to fill it with a token . mhmmm , talk about today . Just came back from my piano class . Before my piano class , went to my mum's kindergarten -_- . During that moment , sort of ate breakfast with Sean , hang out for around one hour i guess ? Since he gotta go back to his college . It was all a sudden plan . And school's gonna start tomorrow again which means we as a student have to face our normal , old , bored routine . I'm getting bored of smkbj and i don't mind skipping school from now on . Go to school , can't really concentrate at times . geeee. rather stay at home and study . (: but still i'm heading to school tomorrow .

the door is really horrible . Wait , i don't know what is it call . HAHA ill just named it as a door . (: but , LOOK!  

 haha , kimberly is trying to imitate . failed .

was trying to sit and act like a man . (:

that's all for today . (: and and and and you're just another piece of paper to me right now (:

Saturday, April 10


uhhh lala , im so so so sorry , haha didnt blog today . Will continue later yeah ? ;D will edit this . I'm exhausted .

went KLCC with Kimberly Woo yesterday . It was some kind of last minute plan . We was thinking since exams are over for like 3 weeks , why don't we hang out ? so yeah We watched DATE NIGHT . Seriously , this show is 18pg BUT we manage to get inside . TGV (: and and seriously i rate this movie 10 / 10 its too awesome . You guys should actually watch it that is if u guys manage to get into it . Good luck with it humans . And CF yesterday , quite cool haha . yeah , my uncle went so mhmm mhmmm . you know la , i don't have to elaborate much . Went back home , reached LRT station . Brandon Peter was like huey wen . I was like errrr.... that name sounds so familiar . haha and when i turned back , i saw xhey lie , stephanie and brandon . (: so yeah . How coincident can life be . (:
 wasn't taken properly .

wasn't humping the thing yeah .

speechless .

 kimberly . (:

WAS TRYING JUMP SHOT ! -_- failed .

failed again . 

 constipated .hahaha

look at my face . OMG .
finally passed ! :D

lastly , thanks humans who cheered me up (: 
after knowing the truth and the lies . 
and i've made the decision , no turning back .
thank you thank you ! Ill take it as an experience .
no harm . 
not blaming anyone either . :D