Wednesday, March 31

first time .

Basically , as you can see I've skipped school today . (: not to say is something very proud . But i must say this , after 2 years excluded form one . This is the first time me skipping school (: you guys have to believe it haha . But me myself also don't believe . But yeah , its true .
Oh ! the reason i skipped is because i have no examination today . but ill be going back to school later to catch up with my persatuan pbsm & my friends are gonna have some kind of minor party for one my friend as i said before . So , yeapp .

Now , im gonna go pwtc with Chin Carmen . There's a book fair . Wish i could get something useful there later . Was wondering how's life in college ? haha because my friends was like college is so much fun excluded the assignments . :D looking forward into it very much .
oh yeah , looks like i've been really interested in blogging all this while . Should i be proud of it ? nehhh . But im very sure that I AM VERY PROUD THAT I'VE MANAGE TO SKIP SCHOOL TODAY . Sue me lah humans , im insane ; you can call me insane . I love it (: 

i gotta make a move now before carmen starts yelling -_-"

give us clean hands , give us pure hearts ! Recess revo !

Tuesday, March 30

nothing can describe my happiness right now . :D

As you can see my title of this post . Yes , nothing can describe my happiness . Im happy because i just found out about my economics results . Pretty satisfying . Im happy for staying up all night long . It helps with the coffee and all . But yes , i shouldn't drink coffee that often anymore before ill be addicted towards it . By the way , i have a picture which i would like to share with you people . Can you guess who's this ?
is it nice for a graphic like that ?
oh yeah , i would like to grab the oppurtunity to you people that you know yourself who actually brings me closer to god once again . I wasn't being holy anyway . this is just how i expressed my feelings :D thanks to IAN who actually told me about recess revolution . My interest towards it is getting deeper . no doubt .
oh yeah not to forget , me wishing a malay person in my blog is kinda impossible la but still im gonna do it .
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABSHAR ! i bet you must be wondering who is this dude . Look at my previous post ; the picture ; his the guy who grab my attention . GAH ! will be having a minor party without him knowing tomorrow . I hope it'll turns out well .

oh yeahhhh , im curious actually . have you guys felt sophisticated before ? I mean as in you stand right infront of the mirror and said " hey i realise im pretty sophisticated right now and i should maintain it that way ? " frankly speaking , i did . LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL kay , this is random .
i just find it funny in a way lah .
stayed back to do some unexpected job . I'm pretty glad that i've actually did it . (:

kayy ciao .

Monday, March 29

I just couldn't stop .

Ah , im feeling horrible right now . Seriously , i've been taking coffee just to keep myself alive so that i will be more energetic while reading economics . Oh , and guess what ! I totally forgot about my monitor class name tag . And it went inside the washing machine . Thank god , its still fine . (: Oh yeah , talk about today's incident this morning . What a terrible and horrifying day to be start with an arguement between my friends and another . Was out of control till i was stunned ; i stood there staring . Couldn't help much . I'm sorry humans . Hope things will be better as days goes on . And yeah , hopefully ill be able to answer my examinations tomorrow . Really concern about it .

oh yeah , please forget about my previous post about me saying ill blog in five days time . I know I've compromised it . But who cares right ? ;) blogs are meant to be read not to be dead . I need to get some sleeping pill like seriously before ill be having problem tomorrow in the morning . Can't wake up & can't concentrate well .

Just highlight it if you wanna read more below . It sucks anyway . 

I'm disappointed on what you've did over again , i don't think i will be able to face you anymore . Sorry is just not everything & you've just compromised the whole entire thing AGAIN ; I'm really sorry to emphasize the word again . I'm really depressed over it and i hope i can get over it as soon as possible so that it won't effect my studies . And thank you for compromising , i really do appreciate . -__-" 

Is it too much for a post right now ? I guess i should step back .

- as i wish things will be improve ever again with god's help .

Sunday, March 28

drive me insane .

Anyways , you can call me insane . I love it :D im sporting , no ?
okayy , errr guess what . So far I've only memorize 12 nilai's and my moral exam will be held tomorrow .
I've decided to memorize the others in the morning for the first four periods considering i will be having my paper after recess .

I wish this time ill get an awesome results & also above my expectations  . Craving Craving .
Carmen just remind me about tomorrow's kokurikulum .
I was doubting badly whether should i stay or something ? haha moreover , ill be having economics on tuesday . But come to think about it , i don't think it'll effect . Is only one hour . So , ill stay lah .
Need marks for it . (:

I am here blogging to release stress . hahaha
I've been eating MCD and fast food for the past whole entire week man seriously . Feels like puking at times looking at all these . But what to do ? MCD = lunch and dinner .
AND NOW my mum is nagging me . haha She's nagging me to wash the toilet . -__- seriously , how pathetic my life can be sometimes . ;D HAHA

Gotta go right now . Will be blogging after five days from now . =) see ya peeps .

- no matter what you do , said , take or give ; Is the thoughts that counts . 

Saturday, March 27

Set me freee !

kayyyy ! :D its weekend finally .
There's like two more weeks for me to go till the exams are over . ;)
hmmmm.. Im back with a little few pictures of mine .
Feel awesome to view it .
By the way , can u imagine if i bald my head ? :O I fine it'll be quite cool .
okay , that was random . Mind me peeps .
 I am really thin . 
times square .
Carmen & I 
Do Not Leave Your Boyfriend Alone . (:
 oohh lalaa .
 mirror is dirty . -_-
 Cheryl Cheryl 

Before i end it , here is my another tiny cute picture . 
By the way bryan , you're a major retard . :D

awesome bye .

- give us clean hands , give us pure hearts . :D
feeling relived after spitting out !

Monday, March 22

i'm sleepy

wake me up . Ill be having my BM diagnostic exam tomorrow . Wish luck humans . ;)
drop by to say hey ho hey ho , i love your _______ Bryan Foo , u know right ? ;D
kay see ya humans .

Saturday, March 20


let me represent this new wong fei hong !
reporter : cheryl ;DDD
okay , this guy is awesome .
And if you need him to teach you guys and know more about kung fu . Find him kay ?
contact number : 016-2345678 .
his name is Mr . Lee Xiechiang ;D
feel free to call him . !
thank you , my mission is done for this post .
have fun viewing yeah ? ;DD
bye peeps .

WONG FEI HONG - LEE Xiechiang !

continue driving

ill just continue what xiechiang blogged about driving !
HAHA yes ! i've started to learn how to drive . 
Its auto anyway . 
As you guys know , my birthday haven pass yet . HAHA so im learning illegally :P peepsss .
so it went like this :
cheryl : hey xiechiang! I've learned how to drive !
Xiechiang : who taught you ?
Cheryl : oh , my friend .
Xiechiang : nice ah the feeling ?
Cheryl : freaking nice lorh! HAHA 
so , this part i forgot what he've said . :P
Next day , Xiechiang messaged me and say ! HEYYY DRIVING IS SO COOL AND AWESOME AND BLAH BLAH BLAH . 
so basically , two of us had learned how to drive illegally .
pretty cool =P Won't be able to do it anymore , considering school is starting soon . 
okay , gotta get going with homeworks . 
Ah loser .

p/s : will post up some pictures when i'm free :O
oh yeah : adding , im literally crazy with this song . Baby - Justin Bieber .

Thursday, March 18

books .

today , i will self proclaim that today is my bookies day !
that's random !
im tired btw and sleepy .
just finished maths , science and accounts so far .
im in dead shit lah . =P prepare to fail ! HAHAHA
was in Sean's car .
childhood friend .

See ya .

Wednesday, March 17

I can't live without it .

Okay , just to keep my blog alive . Maybe , i should just blog . It wouldn't effect my precious time though . HAHA .

cut it out people :O
do not act like somebody when you're not in that position dude . 
kay , it was just a sentence . 
haha don't take it seriously . 
no offence humans .
anyways  , i gtg lahh . 
loser bye .

Sunday, March 14

Before & After

Ill blog before my music class and after my accounts class .
haha okay that statement was a confused .
anyways , I went to some kind of edu-fair in midvalley yesterday .
Since my sis just got her stpm results . So , she decided to find which suitable universiti she should go .
So , i just tagged along since i will be making the decision in one year time . :D
after edu-fair , went and eat Kenny Rogers .
I find that it isn't that nice anymore compared to last time .
after a while since i last camwhored .
right . HAHA .
there is a few more . Ill post up when im free .

when things are imperfect .
you shall just wait and see .

Saturday, March 13

Over . (:

Cancelled my tuition today ;)
Was sick . Wait , not was . Suppose to be IS . 
Perhaps i won't be online starting from this coming monday . 
I can't promise . HAHA . 

Sports day is over . 
Finally there is no more burden pressing on me . :D
now i can live happily . 
Did not take any pictures lah . 
So sad . -__-
Just go around facebook and blogs to find pictures la . 
Bye .
Whenever i look at this picture . Ill laugh .
Retarded Randy ! He took this picture IF i am not mistaken . HAHA

Friday, March 12


omg ? haha okay look at my title and u shall know right .
haha basically , i was totally shock that we won for cheerleading .
I thought we will not get any good results .
heh ? unfortunately , miracles happen in my life .
hmmm .. this should and will be my most memorable year ever . Considering i am gonna graduate soon .
okay i am exhausted after this whole 2 months . I need a break (:
btw to all straight A's SPM-ERS or Got any A's people ! Congratulations .
And for the unfortunately ones , u guys did a really great job SPM-ERS .
:D im gonna be the next SPM-ERS .
Darn .


Monday, March 8

Will start with a sighh..

I feel that we're getting far apart as days goes by . 
I wish it will not and never happen in my teenager life . 
It is because the feeling is like something cuts through my heart .
I wish it could be like last time all again .

Tell me how do u feel ? I need to know . 
If you don't , you will just keep me wondering over & over again .
Suffocating wouldn't bring me any benefits . 
But if honesty could , why can't you bring it one step further . 
As i really appreciate it once again from you .

Sincerely Cheryl .

Stayed back today for red house .
Seriously , i strongly hope that sports day quickly finish so that my burden wouldnt be as bad as i am going through now . ;)
Is like there is no peace for me .
But more to conflicts and all . Everyday , definitely there is something depressing will happen to me .
Is been such a long time since I've start to laugh again .
Usually , i will just put on a fake smile and say I A M S O H A P P Y today . Just to entertain myself . =(

Okay , please do not pity me .
However , this is only how i feel for the pass few days and weeks .
this is what i need badly . 
A simple smile could actually strike my day
toodles .

Sunday, March 7

Blush .

Look at the previous post . HAHA .
Carmen's first picture , she's actually blushing . HAHA when she's sleeping .
sighhh . Carmen is having some romantic dreams heh .

Saturday, March 6


HAHA carmen was too tired . She overslept in the bus . Andddd ! i took a few picture of her . ;DDDD
this will be the beginning of this post .
Anyways , this few days , i weren't around in school . 
Went for MSSKL .
Basically the results were okay la .
I joined 4x100m & 4x400m .
Lost in 4x400m But got 3rd in 4x100m ;)
So , before the competition .
We're so bored . So we decided to played some game . Truth or dare .
let the pictures do the talking .
lalaaaa . We have to slack around .
Kimberly rinai was dared  to hug that little boy . HAHA
Caught ya ;)
camwhore .
carmen camwhored with my phone . -__-
Tilakh was being a little toooo retarded . 
Can't blame . HAHA
my eye bags -__-
constipated smile . 
Look at min see .
HAHAHAH i pity tilakh .
 nice sunglasses .
too sleepy .

Min see & Afiqah .

Done .
Tired of blogging .
Need to wash my school shoes now . HAHA .
And go to tuition . 
Gah! :O

P/S : forget and forgive . ;)

Monday, March 1

I don't know what is my title ;)

oh right . Its eleven right now .
My eyes aren't shut yet .
Well , its gonna shut in any time soon .
toodles sexay . !