Friday, October 30


Devastated .

Sunday, October 25

I should brush everything up .

Yes yes yes babe .
Okay . fyi , ill just post up any random pictures that appear in my head .
So its all mix up . :D if i am not mistaken .
coooooooooooool .

Thats us! After watching some tennis competition .

 handball / photographer for that day and some rubbish picture of me :P
is all messy btw .
some pictures can't be enlarge .
last friday .
Jamuan class . not that interesting :S
its nice (:

Vivien is leaving :(
Bad girl , let's not friend her . She's bad . As usual :P

I grabbed around the pictures . Tee heeee :D

Thursday, October 22

I will sing forever .

was kinda devastated .
I don't know how to express my feelings even though i have the chance too .
I don't find things are moving pretty well .
more to people giving you dishonest words .
Can they actually be trusted ?
By the way , is just a question . So yeah .
I will just leave a question mark there .

I will sing for your love forever .
things aren't just perfectly moving .
Especially , when someone decided and promise you . But in the end , they turned out to compromise.
you know how sad those feelings can be ; It seems like a scar to me already.
you know what ; Thank you very much . I do appreciate it . -.-

Saturday, October 17

I am totally late .

haha okay .
my niece . poser . Just like me :D awesome much ?
now , a kiss .

Basically , i've been kinda lazy to even blog . My bad .
i am not gonna elaborate much since there's nothing much to blog about .
yesterday was a blast by having handball training  .
fyi , will be having a tournament tomorrow once again .
It will never end .

If you say i won't be nervous tomorrow , i can tell you ; you are definitely a bad liar .

alright , yesterday companied kimberly to midvalley . So as carmen tagged along .
Went there grabbed an ALL AMERICAN REJECTS cd . It took quite long for kimberly to doubt whether to buy it or not .
after all , she bought it .
so yeah , had MCD ; headed to kim's house and back home .

basically , there's nothing much besides my bored routine .

most probabaly next friday i will perform a song with the others . fyi , not me alone . 
will see .
Till then . ;)

I've updated : florence , carmen n so on so on . lazy to say out all your names !

Sunday, October 11

view it .

pictures from from from last week n yesterday . Btw what does the 3 eggs represents ?
* own opinion *

Friday, October 9

How depressing things can turn ?

when u can't even fill in the space that has not been provided ______ .
Tell me about it .

Thursday, October 8

Sexy Back is on track . (:

Let me start this post with * BY THE WAY *
okay sorry guys for not updating my blog .
Yes yes Cheryl is back . (:
Didn't got the chance to blog due to examinations .
Today we have finished our papers .
Part of the papers .
Moral was nonsense . Plain nonsense . Others was okay though ,
Btw keep on track ;
pictures from Bukit Tinggi will be post up .
Not many .
So just bare with it alright ? thank you thank you .
errr ;

Yes that's my uncle . ! i know its super duper random .
I am running out of pictures .
SO yeah .
if u know him ; leave a tag in my cbox and say hello .
And he will appreciate !

okayy . errr ,
let me present u ONE PICTURE !
chin joevy drew it on her phone . (:

Yes you are totally right , Its an eye . Monster eye .
Joevy did it just to scare her little brother . haha
That was quite some time ago .
take no notice .

let's see ; oh yeah . Will be shooting to Dataran Merdeka tomorrow for some photography section .
And there's handball training tomorrow . 3-5pm
Pls do attend .
If its possible ! (:

What else can i say ?
you have changed

Thursday, October 1

When things are just changing indirectly .

Yes , My post aren't really good .
Btw , Its been a while since i last blog .
I am not gonna elaborate much .
I am not in a good mood due to some stuff that occur .
But with my friends in class around , at least i feel much more love surround me .
Thanks a lot . (:
I do appreciate . !

& & &
i was happy yesterday .
Its not just happy BUT is extremly .
You can say i was an idiot before . Was dumb or now as well . I've decided to not care anymore .
Showing stupid and idiotic faces to me just makes you look pratically dumb to me .
You can talk about me neither do stab behind my back .
I don't Care . Because i am just being me . If you can't accept for who i am .
Leave .

Talk about yesterday .
Pn . Tan let us play a game .
And the game goes like this * you have to write about your classmates goodness and give them some advice *
I received tons of cool and awesome letters from them .
it was really hard to face the fact when you actually feel unwanted being with the others .
But the feeling is so cool and relieve that u actually found out you are wanted . (:
thanks once again .
I love 4 Harapan .

I hope you guys will appreciate the picture above ! :D
i did i did . lame .