Wednesday, August 10

it's august 10th! :( getting closer and closer.

hi people, ive abandoned my blog for the past 3 days. getting lazier and lazier. my friend, kimberly woo just got back from NS. so, recently i hanged out with her in klcc and a few friends in midvalley. we had chillis and pizza later on. we took quite a number of pictures. but most of it is with kimberly. :) we laugh, we talk, we joke! really miss high school whenever i see them!

one of the candid ones. hahahaha 
klcc btw!

went uniqlo! kim bought 3 diff type of clothes. hehehe

chillis!!! haha so big portion, reasonable price lar :D

btw its kimberly :)

and of course me, the blogger.

this is a short post. i do not have any inspiration! okay bye!

Friday, August 5

can i pause?

people...... can i have a time machine. :((( please please. i wanna be the old cheryl in primary school or kindergarten. please............... i don't wanna grow up. i wanna be young, like forever. oh lord. because there wont be anything for me to worry. pleaseeee, give me the strength and courage. i love you.

but at least.. i spared some time to go midvalley with my friends. considered quite good already lah. get to distres! love you guys. thats cheryl chang. :) hehe, cheryls.

nice right? haha loli loliii. colours in life. :)

baskin robin. om nom nom. actually there's more picture in facebook. my profile. if you wanna see more, then go to my fb profile. cause it takes forever for me to upload. so yeah :(

oh by the way, i just got home from my accounts class. really shitty day. regretted because i didnt study properly for the last test. but can't blame me fully, because malaysia Vs singapore tempted me. anyhowwwww, ill try my best to manage this uh-awful-subject. yay? 

oh, apart from that! its so freaking jam outside. and, in the train and monorail. i thought puasaaaa? isn't it suppose to be kinda empty. :( dammit. now i hate going back around 5pm. meh. okay la, that's all for today. really tired. tired. and tired. its weekend.

currenly listening to hillsong united - solution. thanks to jofan for introducing. at least a brand new song to me. LOLOL. goodnight everyone. oh, random. but i love jesus!!

Monday, August 1

happy august people!

i got nothing much to say.. it's august already. everyone should be busy as exams are near and all. nerve-wrecking. its monday again. and since malaysian and moral studies are over. im gonna have like classes on tuesday, thursday and friday only. other than that, it'll be a holiday for me. or... maybe not? :(

gonna have an outing to midvalley this coming wednesday with my collegemates. watching harry potter. hope its gonna be a great great movie. but i JUST heard from my sis. she says that its merely okay only. not so nice, not too bad. hmm, well will see then.

went midvalley last saturday with family. wasn't that bad afterall. havent been to midvalley for quite sometime. all these while, ive been to times square, pav and yada yada. kl area. like what esther said! she's sick of kl area. HAHA. can't deny the fact since our college is located near there. POOF!

sis took for me this picture before heading to midvalley. LOLOLOL. 

and goodbye peeps. happy august again! great month ahead!

Friday, July 29


hi everyone. finally! it's friday friday, gotta get down on friday. had econs today. everything went well except for my accounts test. -.- seriously tough. i did badly laaaaa. so obvious.................... urgh. MISS BETTYYYY! why did u put such hard hard questionsssss. :((((((((((((((((( apparently, during the test! everyone was stoning, looking left and right and so on. bleeeh. even paper one was hard. pfft. die la die lah. perhaps i shall study harder. :((( drained lah. guess what.... econs full syllabus test next two weeks. haihhh, die die dieeeee. exhausted lah. need a break.


went for the match yesterday. malaysia Vs singapore. was kinda disappointed. but nehhh, malaysia tried their best already. plus, if it WAS a fair game, i don't mind. BUT.. singapore played tricks. everyone knows that. super super sad. :(( but anyway, still great lah. had fun. the atmosphere. & this match actually brought US the malaysians closer and closer. love the fact where they're so supportive. teee heee.

my awesome friends. marilyn feels happy! cause according to her, she's as tall as us. yay.

p/s: HELP HELP HELP :(((

Tuesday, July 26


gonna stop blogging till this friday. haha i gotta study and dont have the time to blog.
toodles. be right back (:

Sunday, July 24

bore me.

went to cheer 2011 with jun hoe just now. this year... pretty boring. all i can see is people dancing over and over the same stunts. :((( seriously. even dynamitez wasn't the best. i think cyrens! or the stunners? they're great! :)) hope they will win.

studied moral studies just now. almost fell asleep. studied about religions and all. i love reading the christianity part. idk why, but yeah. or perhaps is just my religion. can't wait till this week is over! hectic hectic.
saw my former science teacher in cheer with her husband and her two little cute kids. and saw this grandmother there. jun hoe can't stop laughing by just looking at the grandma's face. pfft. =.=

random picture. older sis and i :) look alike? 

guess i'm gonna go rest right now.

Friday, July 22

sparks flyy.

so........ yesterday! i watched the match, chelsea V malaysia. im so sorry for chelsea... really huge disappointment. frankly speaking, it was supposed to be 0-0 . but somehow, the referee made a mistake i guess. it was obvious. haha give face perhaps?

lampard! love his smile. haha, im not a big fan. just like this picture. heh (:

oh hi people! i created skype. my second account. hahaha. forgot the first account's password. love skype like mad these days. kept forcing them to skype with me. it was fun. skyped with esther teh, cassandra, stella and woo &&&& more. they're sporting! unlike certain people.... :((((( kidding.

had econs today. i hate when mr.aria released us late. -.- which means i have to rush and rush and rush. rush to eat my lunch and rush to another class. this is so annoying, no peace. cannot even relax. after one class to another. today's class isn't that bad laaah. pfft.


just found out my college has this awesome dancing studio. haha instead of us going there to make used of the room. we camwhoreee. thumbs up. ftw.!

ignore the pingpong table!

 this picture is sorta blurrr :(((((

haha this is jason. he dressed like this because on that day itself, he's gonna go for his.... 3 years anniversary! :DDD he treats his girlfriend.... (Y) really nice. hahahaaaaaaaa

guysss..................... rememberrrr? my artwork? hahaha, i edited this last time. it was like 3 years back? what do youu thinkkkk? :D :D